This is a collection of all the BR30 LED lamps that we currently distribute.

What does BR30 mean?

BR30 is a medium reflector flood lamp. It is one of the most common flood lamp sizes. We like to call them "flood lights" because the BR30, like its smaller and larger siblings R20 and BR40, has a frosted diffuser to produce wider less focused light. Traditionally, BR30 halogens and incandescents are made of thin blown glass, are fairly lightweight, and distribute light in an even and wide beam pattern, hence the name "flood lights". The “B” stands for “bulged”, the "R" stands for "reflector", while the "30" represents the diameter of the face of the bulb, in this case 30 (1/8) inches, or 3.75 inches.

What to watch out for when buying BR30 LEDs...

Since most existing light fixtures were designed for use with these sizes, you will want to find a BR30 LED that has the same dimensions as a traditional BR30. We think the most important is definitely the face diameter. Next, you also want to make sure the body and neck of the BR30 is similarly proportioned to a traditional BR30, otherwise you may have difficulty installing it into your existing fixture. Some LEDs have bulky heat-sinks that although are intended for better heat management, will result in a useless bulb you can't fit anywhere. You can be confident that we at First LED Lighting Center have taken the steps to provide BR30 LEDs that will fit your existing fixture.

Where can I use a BR30?

Typically BR30's are used in 5-inch or 6-inch recessed can fixtures in the ceiling. 5-inches and 6-inches are the diameters of the opening of the recessed cans. You will have to take into consideration the trim, which conceals the interior of the can while making a nice exterior finish to the ceiling fixture. The trim will make the installation space narrower than the actual can. Again, the BR30's you will find at First LED Lighting Center are designed to work with most trims and recessed can fixtures. Other recommended applications for BR30 could be a track fixture or a medium hanging pendant.

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